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    The size of the rug you choose for your space is influenced by your design goals.

    Rugs are of different sizes such as 2' X 3', 3' X 5', 5' X 8', 7' X 9', 8' X 10' and 9' X 12' rugs which may be used as a focal point or an accent piece. It can be used to join, extend, or split a space. This depends on what you want the space to do. Finding the correct area rug may be difficult. Here are a few tips to help you out. Helping you locate the ideal rug to accent your decor and provide harmony to your interior design for a welcome atmosphere is what we're all about. Even while picking a small accent rug, inches may make all the difference when it comes to finding the ideal one. You can make your rooms look more cohesive by using the correct size rug.


    1) It would be good to have 3'x 5' rug in a living room as a landing spot.
    2) Within the limitations of a small living room, two comfortable chairs may be placed almost entirely on top of a 5'x8' rug.
    3) A 6'x 9' rug works well in a living room that is 11'x13' or less in size. Two feet are left on either side of the rug.
    4) An 8'X 10' rug looks great in a space that is 11' x 13' or somewhat larger, or in a living room that is open plan. Rugs should have a 12"-18" border around them in a designated living space.
    5) A 9'X 12' rug fits nicely in a 12' x 18' or bigger living room, or in an open-concept area. Large enough to accommodate the majority of your furniture, accessories, and decor components can give your area a more cohesive appearance.