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    Rugs are a timeless way to add that extra something to your space. Whether you're looking to add style and excitement to your home or to simply define and soften a space, an area rug can be the perfect finishing touch. Shop thousands of area rugs to find the latest rug designs and styles at a price you’ll love. Zimlay is the best place to find your next area rug. Everyone has their own unique style and Zimlay offers the largest selections of styles to express yourself. We provide range of area rug including Kids Rugs, Rug Pads, Door Mats and Kitchen Mats.

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    A rug is a piece of woven cloth used to cover a portion of the floor. A rug can quickly transform the mood of any space. A vibrant rug can offer a much-needed spark of color to a space that may be appearing fairly repetitive in its color scheme. If you're mixing and matching colors and patterns, an abstract pattern rug might bring a new depth to the room. Rugs are quite functional in addition to boosting the aesthetic value of a room. When you lay a rug beneath your chairs or tables, they are less likely to slip or harm the floor. It also provides some cushioning to muffle footfall that might otherwise be excessively loud on marble or wooden floors.

    Rugs of various sizes

    Rugs come in a variety of forms and sizes. You must select the size of the rug you want to place in the room so that it seems to be in proportion with the rest of the decor. Living room rugs and bedroom rugs are available in small, medium, big, and normal sizes on SPACES.

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