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    Panel Systems

    Panel Systems

    Panel systems are an excellent choice for organisations who want to create privacy in open office environments

    Panel systems give us a clue of separation that allows employees to take control of their individual work while still allowing access to a collaborative group environment

    Create office privacy fast, inexpensively, and just how you want it! Panel system requires no tools to install; simply slide the panels and supports together to divide office workstation areas. Create simple instant workstations in a fraction of the time (and expense) of existing solutions. As your company expands, add more panels! These workplace Panel Systems are ideal for designing your own cubicle layout. With a panel system, employees have their own area while being connected to one another. Zimlay offers Office Panel Systems that are specially designed to your specific style, colors, and cost. Our office panel systems come in a variety of designs and combinations. Panel Systems can be reconfigured for expansion, and customised for optimal air flow and noise reduction. Look through our whole collection of office panel systems to see what your office space is effective of.

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