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    Fire Starters & Fuel

    Fire Starters & Fuel

    Shop our fire starters & fuel to ignite a fire anywhere, at any time

    Compact, portable gel fire starters & fuel are used in fires and as fire starters

    A competent fire starter or the skills of an outdoorsman are required to ignite a fire. A fire isn't always simple to start, especially in windy or rainy circumstances, with limited fire supplies, or without the proper equipment. Fortunately, a fire starter can make this difficult process much simpler. The use of fire starters & fuel benefits portable wood burning stoves greatly. They are made of wood and highly polished wax and are intended to ignite readily and burn hot. Having the appropriate fire starter on hand may make a significant impact. Fire Starters is being used as an alternative fuel source while climbing, traveling, or in the great outdoors, as an urgent source of heat during cooler temperatures, as a dry, easy-to-burn fuel whenever it's windy, rainy, or snowy, and as a means to heat water.

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